Laguna Hills Eclipse Testimonials

“It is refreshing to know we have coaches of the caliber of Abner Rogers involved in the development of women’s soccer. Southern California is truly fortunate to have him.”

Clive Charles
NCAA National Championship 2002-Women’s Soccer Program
Head Coach of the University of Portland Men’s and Women’s soccer programs.
Former Head Coach of the U.S. Men’s 2000 Olympic Team
Assistant Coach of the Men’s 1998 Men’s World Cup team.

“The things I appreciate about Abner the most, as a coach, are his standards for soccer excellence. All the teams I’ve watched him work with play a very sophisticated level of the game without losing sight of playing to win the whole time. Abner is one of our top coaches in the country, and will take all the players to another level.”

Anson Dorrance
One of the most successful women’s soccer coaches in the World.
1991 World Cup Championship U.S. Women’s National Team Coach
led University of North Carolina to 23 NCAA National Championships in women’s’ soccer.

“One of the things that sets Abner apart from other coaches in that he really works on the development of the individual player. He is aware of the individuals technical abilities, tactical awareness and psychological development within a team setting. He won’t sacrifice individual development for the sake of a win at an early age: the emphasis is on development. Abner has worked at all levels, including the national level, and knows what it takes to get there. It is fitting Abner heads his own program after being successful at all levels.”

Jerry Smith
Head Women’s Coach at Santa Clara University
Head Coach U 21 US National Team.
NCAA National Championship 2001-Santa Clara University

“Working with Abner is an enjoyable experience. His knowledge of the game is outstanding and his professionalism unmatched. He develops talented players who are winners both on and off the field.”

Chris Petrucelli
Two-time National Coach of the Year
former Head Coach at the University of Notre Dame
current Head Coach of the University of Texas
Four straight final 4 appearances, finalists in 1994/champions in 1995-Notre Dame