LHSC Offers Love and Support to the Hawley Family

katieIt is with saddened hearts that we reach out to our Eclipse family and friends. One of our own, Miss Katie Hawley from our U13 White team, has had a relapse in her battle against cancer. Katie first began her fight against neroblastoma  in 2009. After rigorous months of treatment she was pronounced NED (no evidence of disease) in 2010. Katie has been undergoing  tests periodically since her first NED. During the last month, Katie  began experiencing several migraines to the point where she had them every day and often times could not lift her head off her pillow. Results came back this week that the cancer has returned and this time it is in her skull, neck, pelvis and back.
It is going to be a very tough battle for Katie and her family. We ask all of you, our Eclipse family and friends, to help support Katie and her family through your prayers and thoughts. If you would like to read Katie’s story you may click here http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/katiehawley.
Please continue to check back for further updates. We will soon be adding a link to allow for you to make donations to help Katie “Fight the Battle”. Katie’s mom, MaryKay, has left her full time job in order to be Katie’s full time caregiver, anything the Eclipse family and friends can do for the Hawley family would be greatly appreciated.
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